Thursday, January 7, 2010

Physical Therapy

This week I have begun physical therapy. The therapist believes that I have problems with my sacroiliac joint -- where the pelvis meets the back. The symptoms are often mistaken for sciatica. Yup, sounds like she's got my number!

The good news is that there are very few restrictions on what I can do, and that she anticipates that I should be good to go in three or four weeks! YES! Yesterday, she gave me exercises I can do at home. There are only 5 that I need to do, and 10 reps of each once a day. Simple. I'll take it.

Incidentally, yesterday was my last day on prednisone. I ended up taking the whole course of treatment. Recall that these drugs helped with the symptoms of my pain (in addition to dealing with that horrific mango allergy), so who knows what today will be like painwise. I am hopeful it won't be too bad and, even if it is bad, it will be nothing like it was back in November or December when I could barely sit up some days. I am so grateful for my health, and to be back on the mend!

I have also read that prednisone is horrible for water retention and weight gain, so I am hopeful that I might be able to shed a few pounds now that I'm finished with the meds. We will see! I'll keep you posted.

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