Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MLK's Legacy Goes Beyond what you think

Today Martin Luther King III came to Fayetteville. I was really excited to hear him speak, as I think his father's legacy and the role he played in helping African Americans to gain rights in our country is absolutely amazing. I find it even more amazing the way in which he was able to accomplish the the things he did non-violently.

Sadly, I was very underwhelmed with his son's speaking abilities. He is incredibly (and sadly) very inarticulate, telling us about his work with the "Croatians, Serbians, and the Bosniks" and encouraging us to go see the movie "Inviticus". He created more words that George W. Bush did, seriously -- and he was all over the place. Anyway, that is neither here nor there.

I did stay for the Q and A after MLK III (mercifully) stopped yammering, and I asked a question of my own. I asked Dr. King, "What is your favorite memory of your father?" His answer kind of surprised me and (I promise) is actually very pertinent to my blog (this is the reason I went there).

MLK III shared a few different memories. One was about how his Dad loved to take he and his four sisters to the local YMCA. They would all exercise together. He also taught them to swim when he was there, and all four of the King children became good swimmers just like their Dad.
WOW!!! I thought that was such an amazing memory! It was so noteworthy to me that it became one of MLK III's favorite memories -- being active and having fun with his Dad. If I ever have kids (no promises), I want to be active with them. I want to enjoy moving and having fun with them. I want to set a healthy example for them. I am amazed and so impressed that this incredibly busy man who made such a difference in the history of our nation spent time moving and exercising with his kids. I am quite devoted to exercise, but this is one more reason to call BS on the excuse of being too busy to work out. If MLK found time to exercise and move with his kids, I can do this for myself -- even though I am really busy.

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