Thursday, January 7, 2010

Perfect 10 - Week 1

I am in for the Perfect 10 challenge. Here is my update, and I'm afraid that I will only earn a B- for this week.

Recall my goals are about eating out, losing weight, and exercise.

With regard to eating out, I have eaten out twice this week. Once was a bad mistake -- I had an appointment but did not eat lunch before it, got hungry and still had errands to run; I felt I had to eat out. It just wasn't going to work to wait until I got home (especially since grocery store was one of the errands). The second time I had a show to see at 7 PM and I worked out until 6:05 PM so I don't feel badly about grabbing some Subway to get to the theatre. Eating out only twice in a week does represent huge progress for me -- but I want to get down to once a week as stated in my goal. Better for my body and my wallet.

With regard to losing weight, who knows but I am doing the right things. I rejoined Weight Watchers. I am tracking everything meticulously -- even measuring everything. I'm doing the right things, so I think the weight loss will follow. We will see at my next Weight Watchers meeting.

Now the exercise. These do need some clarification/modification. Though my PT says I am allowed to do most things, one of the things I am NOT supposed to do is climb stairs so I am taking the stairstepper goal off of the list. It's not worth re-injuring myself over at all. Regarding the different classes, school starts next week and, with it, the regular schedule of fitness classes at my gym. This week the offerings have been quite limited, so I have not made it to any classes so far. I am hoping to make it to water aerobics this evening; weather permitting, of course. Regarding the elliptical machine. WOW I set a hard goal! I have downloaded several podcasts that have free workout music. My favorite are MotionTraxx and Technobeats. I tried to do an hour at 128 BPM (roughly the tempo of Black Eyed Peas' "I've Got a Feeling") on resistance level 12. HA! I did 20 minutes and then had to crank down the resistance. I've got a ways to go on that goal.

So, I'm in on the Challenge. Anyone else care to join? You can sign up over on South Beach Steve's site.

As for the random fact we're supposed to supply weekly as part of the challenge? I won two pie eating contests as a child. A glutton from a young age. Eating a whole pie at the age of 14 and probably about 8 in one sitting. Maybe my mom has pictures? If we can locate them, I will see if we can scan and post them. The more "impressive" of the two victories was against a probably 250 lb huge 13 year old. He was wearing a BFI shirt (similar to Waste Management). You could tell he meant business and was sure of his victory before the challenge even started. However, I just wasted this guy in the contest. You could tell he was surprised. Never doubt me! I'm way too competitive, and eating is something I excel at.


  1. What a great fact! I bet you stunned and amazed that poor kid!

    It looks like a good update - smart move taking the stair stepping off.

    BTW, I will have an auto post tonight at midnight Central Time (US) that will be the post you need to reply to with this link (I know I have seen it, but it helps everyone keep up with the updates and it helps prevent me from forgetting).

  2. That is a really good fact! I think you're making great progress! Good job.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! Working hard. The results will follow :)

  4. That's funny! Were they real pies or whipped cream pies?

  5. Hey Sarah - great job!
    I'm with Helen - real or whipped :)

  6. Real - when I was younger, a blueberry pie (good thing I wore a crappy shirt because it got stained!). The second one -- the one I beat the fat kid on -- was apple.

  7. That's a great fact! I can just see this poor stunned 13 yr old.

    Eatting out-- that's a challenge for me. Kudos to you for choosing that one!


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