Saturday, January 2, 2010


I tried Zumba again today. I tried it a couple times this summer and it hurt my feet and knees like none other, so I decided no Zumba for awhile. However, I tried again today and I will say...I hated it less. Actually I didn't hate it at all. I think to say that I "liked" it would be a bit of a stretch, but it wasn't bad. My arches hurt a couple times, but I pushed through and the pain went away. It's probably the shoes that I got at Fleet Feet that were a huge help. I almost rolled my ankle twice, but I caught myself both times. I am not sure if it's that my reaction time is better or that my joints (ligaments?) are stronger or what, but I am delighted that I did not get hurt and that I even kind of enjoyed myself. I love the music, I love the energy, and I love knowing that there is pressure not to quit. I am a lot less likely to walk out of a class halfway through if I'm not feeling it than I would be to get off a treadmill. I also love knowing that doing an hour of Zumba burns 600-800 calories.

Overall: I give my experience with Zumba a B. I will be back. Maybe someday I will even love it.


  1. It's really the shoes, babe. You need to get yourself a good pair of supportive cross-trainers to help you get through a high-impact class like Zumba. I can ALWAYS feel it in my feet/shins/calves/ankles/knees if i wear shoes that are run down. treat yourself to some brand new sneakers (or 2).... you deserve it!

  2. These shoes are 2 weeks old, and were custom fit at Fleet Feet. Also have insoles for my arches. I think the shoes are as good as they are going to get! (Asics 2150s to help with my over pronation)


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