Thursday, January 7, 2010


One of my favorite things over the break was having the time to cook delicious breakfasts. I'm posting some pictures of my favorites.

thanks for the recipe Pioneer Woman!
The main idea is that there are hashbrowns, some veggies, ham and/or sausage and cheese covered by an overeasy egg. No idea how many points, but probably not a great WW choice. Delicious though, and worth an occasional splurge!

I got myself a wafflemaker for Christmas and have been using it a fair amount. I believe these are white chocolate chip pecan waffles. I subbed out 1/2 the butter the recipe called for in favor of melted white chocolate chips. Result? Delicious. Also made raspberry topping (the basis for the recipe I share later in the post), an egg, and a link of chicken apple sausage.

This looks gross but was actually really good. It would work on WW for sure. 2 eggs, scrambled with green onions, tomatoes, and some goat cheese. Also ate a grapefruit (peeling it into sections and then eating the sections is by far my favorite way to enjoy grapefruit!) and some sausage.

An egg, some chicken apple sausage, and a piece of french toast casserole. I had some cranberry pecan bread and "Woodstock" bread that I used to make this delicious treat. Probably not WW friendly, but sometimes I get surprised.

One of the most surprising things about the breakfasts is how full they kept me. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but sometimes it was not until 2 or 3 when I even felt hungry. Also, I ate the portions pictured (with the exception of the white chocolate chip waffles -- I made those on Christmas day and let myself have a couple). This represents a huge change for me as in the past, if something tasted good, I was not shy about admitting it and allowing myself seconds..and thirds...and fifths. I am still hopeful that someday I will have a healthy attitude towards food, viewing it as fuel for my body rather than a comfort item or something to say "good job" to myself with.

This morning, the weather was terrible and most local schools were closed -- so I decided to work from here today. I made banana sour cream pancakes, substituting light ingredients where possible. I also made berry sauce -- really easy. Just mix 1 c berries (I use frozen mixed berries from Sam's), 2 Tbsp OJ, 2 Tbsp corn starch, and 1/4 c sugar (I used splenda). Total for two pancakes and 1/3 of this berry mixture was 7 points. I wish I had taken a picture prior to devouring it, but I forgot. Sorry. Take my word for it though -- the results are delicious, and it looks really nice too. One more recipe to add to the list of "ways to get rid of bananas before they go bad".

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