Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting my Fitness On

I have something that I am really proud of that happened yesterday. For various reasons (mostly schedule related), I have had a hard time being able to schedule my twice weekly training appointments with my personal trainer. I believe that weight training for toning is important, so I decided yesterday I would just go it alone.

This is signifiant for two reasons. First of all, the fact that I know what to do enough to actually figure stuff for myself out is amazing. I used to be so intimidated by those machines!! No longer. I can totally rock them now. The second reason it is amazing is because a friend was with me and I could show her what to do too! I was like "WOW!!" At one point for our third set of reps I told her "Last one, make it count!" I realized afterwards what I had said, and thought "OMG we have our own blossoming Jillian Michaels right here!" I'm just kidding about that -- I do have a long way to go before I would ever feel comfortable trying to stand on someone when they are doing wall sits. I would crush them (and not in a good way...)! And, I would like to think I would never endorse a diet pill as the right way to lose weight. Shame on you, Jillian. That still annoys me.

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