Thursday, January 14, 2010

Perfect 10 - Week 2

Remember that I committed to a 10 week challenge called the Perfect 10. Quick review: I have three categories of goals. Updates below.
  • Goal #1: Eat out once a week or less (there are some caveats, read the original post for details) - I ate out twice this week, but I would hardly call either meal worth it. Sunday night I was munchy munchy and just in the mood to eat crappy food. Sunday I just didn't feel like things were clicking. I have no idea what was up. This story, unfortunately, does not end well. It ends up, of all places, at the Sam's Club snack bar. While grocery shopping I just could not resist one of those pieces of pizza. Well, technically I could have, but I chose not to. A $2.48 slice of pizza and pop. Are you for real?! I hemmed and hawed over whether I should count that as a meal out. I mean, my motivation was both financial and for health. Should I really count $2.48 as an infraction? I ultimately decided that, yes, I needed to. This journey is for me. It's not for anyone else. If I lie or stretch the rules about what it means to eat out, I am just harming myself. More fundamentally, it sets a dangerous precedent. Little white lies become bigger and bigger and bigger....until they're 299.5 lbs or bigger big. And man, I don't need that! The second meal was today at lunch. I had Subway. All by myself, the result of poor planning and not having a lunch ready. Like I said, neither meal out was really worth it. Overall grade on eating out goal: C. Worlds better than before the challenge, but it's week two so the grading gets tougher. To get an A you have to nail the goal, which I did not do.
  • Goal #2: Jump aboard the weight loss train again. I rejoined WW last week, and this week was my first weigh in. I lost 2.6 lbs. I count it a win. I am not loving weighing in fully clothed and later in the day, but loving watching the number go down :) I give myself an A on this goal.
  • Goal #3: The fitness goals. I wanted to attend three different fitness classes a week -- this week I did five. I did BodySculpt (very similar to Les Mills' BodyPump) -- it's an all over toning class, working through all the major muscle groups in the body. I did Zumba -- twice! I loved it. I did Group Cycle spinning classes -- twice! (and again in the morning too). Tough workout, but I like it and I love the music. I did PiYo (pilates yoga fusion) and boy do I despise it. I like stretching my hips out (helps with my SI joint pain), but I despise sun salutations. And the whole thing seems very boring to me. At least there is music. And, of course, I did my beloved water aerobics :) With respect to the elliptical machine goal I set, I did not work on it. I am not sure whether it is doable (probably it is), but let me offer a legitimate explantation as to why I did not work on it. This week the gym has been PACKED. I swear to you that every single sorority girl apparently made a New Year's resolution to hit the gym, because darned if they are not all there (typically in packs of 5-10). It has been absolutely a beast to try to get a machine at the gym. I give myself a pass on this, and am considering joining a real gym (in addition to the one at school) that is less crowded so that I can try to meet my elliptical goal. I have not decided on this yet. Overall for this goal: I believe I earned an A since I literally could not get time on the elliptical. (Bonus - earned 60 activity WW points)
Overall, my grades average out to a B+. Not atrocious by any standard, but I am a perfectionist and I WANT AN A!! I need to up the game if I am going to earn that for next week :)

As for a previously unknown fact (to most of my readers anyway) -- I failed swim lessons 3 different times when I was a child. I hated putting my face in the water. I feared drowning and would cling on to the poor teachers for dear life. Fast forward to high school. My senior year, I went out for the swim team my senior year because a lot of my friends were on it. It was a great experience and the same guy who used to run the swim lessons was the HS swim coach. He was incredibly patient and encouraging, and I love him and sincerely appreciate him allowing me to be on the team. It was such a great experience. I absolutely sucked at swimming -- I beat a grand total of 6 people in a swim race, ever, including one relay team of four (and, BTW, there are 24 swimmers in a relay event. I probably swam 2 relays a meet. Probably about 10 meets. See, I am not exaggerating when I say I sucked!) -- but I had a great time. Although it was not really my calling to be a swimmer, I did win the award for most team spirit. More importantly, it helped me to love the water. Swimming is still one of my favorite ways to exercise, and I am absolutely hooked on water aerobics and aqua abs classes -- I've come a long way from not even being to put my face in the water to spending an hour in a 13' deep pool (it used to be 5 days a week) for my water aerobics classes.


  1. A B+ is certainly good. I was more impressed with the swimming story though. It is pretty neat that it was the same guy.

  2. I've never been a strong swimmer, either.

    and I don't know how to ride a bike!

  3. Great work on the goals and on the loss!!!

  4. I stink at swimming but I won't give up. Great job on the progress towards your goals!

  5. not bad at all!

    60 activity points?? wow, your program must be different from ours. Maximum you can earn is 13


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