Friday, January 8, 2010

The gun show

I have not gone public on this one -- in person to some of you I have, but not online. By 31 I want to be on my way to rockin' a serious gun show. Now to clarify, I'm thinking more along thie lines of Michelle Obama....

not the American Gladiators...
I turn 31 on August 1. Last year my goal was to lose 30 lbs by the time I turned 30. I did that, have maintained it, and lost another 10 on top of that (actually 15 but I gained 5 back and have maintained the 10). This gives me almost 7 months to the gun show.

This gun show goal is different because I have no idea how I will declare victory. This is way more subjective than the 30 lb goal. I will take before pictures, though, and post them. My arms are not bouncy (aka no tricep windflaps), but they are squishy and I would be very hesitant to wear a tank top anywhere other than the gym.

To achieve this goal I will have to lose a substantial amount of weight. I suspect that, honestly, there is a gun show hiding out beneath a layer of fat since I have been working on weights relatively steadily since last July. Now, to unbury this gun show. Pics to follow.


  1. ok - this is hilarious. Welcome to the Gun Show!!!

  2. Too funny!
    I have to say setting a goal last year has already proven to be a successful strategy.

  3. Dima will you be at IERC? You can get a front row ticket for the gun show!!! JK but I really do hope I get to see you soon. If you're not going to IERC, maybe I will need to schedule a Disney trip... :)

  4. The plan is to go, I have several abstracts. Regardless, you still have to schedule the Disney trip though


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