Friday, January 29, 2010

Perfect 10 - Week 4

This week was not noteworthy. Here is an update on my progress on my goals.
  • Not eat out except once a week - This was a HUGE fail. I lost count of how many times I ate out, but it was probably 4-5. Grade: F. Not sure why I totally lost my mojo on this one. I need to reevaluate this goal.
  • Lose weight - lost 2 lbs. Good job on this goal. Despite my huge binge on Sunday and not tracking a single thing I ate on that day (but tracking all other days), I lost weight. This is because I work out so much. I got a BodyBugg and now know that I burn an average of 3400-3700 calories on days that I work out, which is typically 6 days per week. This was (more than) enough to create a ~7000 calorie deficit for the week, despite my serious overeating on Sunday. Grade: A-
  • Working out - I have settled into a rhythm so it is starting to feel like a routine. There is a small modification, though. I don't think I will be able to go to water aerobics anymore! Info to follow. This week I went to BodyPump, Zumba, water aerobics, and group cycle classes. Did not work on the elliptical goal -- although I did join a new gym so that it is easier to get time on the elliptical. I really like it and the classes are so much less crowded. I really like working out there, and it is nice not to run into any of my students. I feel more comfortable there. Grade: A
I have to say - I did not really give these goals much thought this week. Work has been absolutely insane, getting ready for a huge deadline and having to keep the normal things moving along too (teaching, working out, etc). I need to get past this deadline so I can refocus on my goals. I am also thinking about adjusting my goals a bit to be something I can relate more to. I will think about it.

My fact. This will not be news to my local readers but I'm not sure about everyone else. This is the second year in a row we've had a big winter weather storm, incidentally almost exactly one year apart. The first system that moved through is the same ice storm system that wreaked havoc on Steve's house (see his post - the damage was worst in Arkansas and Kentucky), and this year we were fortunate to have more of a snow storm than an ice storm. In the aftermath of last year's storm, many people were without power for a week or longer. However, I learned as a result of the storm that I am on the same power grid as Walmart and our local hospital, so I was out of power for less than 4 hours total. School was cancelled for almost an entire week because of all of the downed tree limbs and, worse, the tree limbs that had not fallen but were hanging on by a thread. With all of the foot traffic on campus, they could not have school until those overhead limbs were all cleaned up so as not to pose risks to student/faculty/staff/community pedestrians. This year, we have received about 6-8" snow and it is atop a thick layer of ice (thick enough that, when I tried to scrape my windshield yesterday, the ice was flush with my windshield wipers). People were much more prepared for this year's storm. We all learned last year. This storm has been much milder, though, and there are very few power outages reported. I went for a walk in it last night and it was very pretty. I only had one flicker of power but I never lost it completely.


  1. Wow Sarah, it sounds like you all really went through it too! This storm has been almost a dud for us. We have about 4 inches on the ground from what I can tell and no ice. Thankfully it is much better than last year.

  2. I've found that cooking foods simply helps me stay away from processed and restaurant foods. A few minutes under the broiler for meats and veggies ... done!

    I'm totally jealous of your calorie burn. My metabolism is really sluggish. I have to exercise almost 3 hours to get over 3,000 calories burned!

  3. @Steve - glad this storm has been gentle with you. After what you went through last year, you certainly deserve it!

    @Christy - yes I feel you on cooking my own food. So much better for me!! I try to keep a stock of meals that I've made frozen so I can just grab them and reheat them when I need to. Keeps me on track when life is so hectic, saves money, and is healthier than eating out. One day I forgot my lunch (I'll claim that as a blonde moment). Some days I just want the junk food. Not sure what exactly is going on. I hope I feel better once I turn in my 3 year review documents (the big deadline).

    About the calorie burn -- I usually work out 2 hrs, and try to push myself. I think a part of the reason I burn so many is because i am still so big (250 lbs). Sadly, it will get harder to burn the calories as I get smaller I imagine...


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