Monday, January 11, 2010

The pre-pre-pre Gun Show

I had a friend at work take these pictures of me today. Breathe easy, I didn't wear this to work without a jacket. I have some self confidence, sure, but I'm not that confident! Wear this in a room full of ornery undergrads? You have to be out of your mind (and junior high teachers, I have NO CLUE how you do it).

And wow -- rockin' quite the double chin there too. A very flattering few photos indeed -- ha!

Clearly I have a ways to go. Luckily I am so committed it is not even funny. I am really going to do my best to have that gun show by age 31. The key is losing the weigh. I work out already and will just keep it steady. If I don't lose the weight, though, you won't even be able to tell I've got strong arms...unless we get into a boxing match :)

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