Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Misc. Updates

  • This week is so f-ing busy. Both today and tomorrow are going to be work->gym->other engagement days which won't land me home until around 9 PM...and will require me either to pack two dinners or grab dinner out. I am going to grab dinner out and I won't feel badly about it, even though I won't make my Perfect 10 goal for the week. My heart is in the right place and I just cannot forsee an easy workaround for this (can't keep the food cold all day and I won't have access to a microwave at night). I would eat at home if I easily could.
  • I have been getting lots of compliments on the way I am losing weight today. I must have picked something flattering to wear? Gotta love wearing black and gray.
  • Today I am wearing a skirt I got from Target in October on clearance for $5. Although it did not fit at the time (much to my dismay), it was a 20 and I thought I would be able to get into it soon enough. Well, if by "soon enough" you mean "2.5 months later", it did :) I tried it on last night for kicks and it fit with some room to spare. Some good news to get my week going. I need it since I anticipate this week will kick my butt.

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