Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Weight Watchers now recognizes what I have done. Although I first wrote about this several weeks ago, I am pleased to report that I am now down 50 lbs. officially, according to Weight Watchers. I earned a magnet and another weight to go on my 10% key ring.

The online tracker also gave me this great looking shot today when I logged my weight

I was beyond stoked. Like I eluded to this morning, I don't really feel like I earned the pound that I lost this week. I really was super lax about eating, but somehow things worked out anyway! I'll take it! I am delighted to celebrate this, and am excited about the next 50 more. They probably won't come as quickly, but I'll probably treasure them more as a result.


  1. That is beyond awesome. And now I don't have to make you a "little redhaired girl" pin. So, that's one less thing on my list this week. Thank goodness. :)

    In all seriousness, I'm so proud of you. Congrats. I hope you're doing something to celebrate this weekend.

  2. Way to go. Congrats, it will help to give you motivation towards your next 50.


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