Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weight Watchers - Week 6

Mixed emotions. That is a summary of this post. If you're interested in the details, keep reading. But a summary is that this week I have mixed emotions and I am down 1.5 so that my official WW weight is now 250.

Remember that last week I lost half a pound, which I was not too stoked about. I thought that this week I would have a decent loss, and that I would also get the extra 1-2 lbs I thought I earned last week. It didn't quite work out this way.

I think I have confessed it here but I am typically a daily weigher. I like to see what's going on so that I am not blindsided at the Weight Watchers meetings -- and because I'm a number/metrics girl. This week the scale was. not. moving -- but my body fat percentage was dropping. That feels great. My scale also has some algorithm to determine body age (whatever that is) based on your weight and body composition, and mine this week is the lowest it ever has been since I've had the scale (about 6 months). I'm also really starting to *feel* skinnier. My face is skinnier. My chins are starting to abate. My upper arms are getting really solid. I like these changes, and they're not ones that show up on the scale -- so that part of the "get healthy and reclaim your life" program feels great.

At the same time, I want to see the scale move! I track everything and stayed within my points. However, this week wasn't stellar. I went to a friend/colleague's house and did not hold back altogether. I ate 34.5 points at dinner, and 55 points for the day. I ate out several times. You can see from my points tracker I ran through my 35 points really quickly and ate under 40 points only twice this week. I stayed within my points limit, though, because I exercise so much. Again, I have mixed feelings about this. I am glad I can stay on plan, but I am sad that my on plan technically is so above what I "should" do and above the 31 points I get daily. I need to reflect on this.

So, that's how the WL is here. I lost weight, but not that much. However, I have mixed feelings about it. First of all, I have lost 13 lbs in 6 weeks which is remarkable and consistent so I feel great about that! I feel like that is a healthy, sustainable pace. However, I expected more this week. I want consistently to get 2-3 lbs a week. I am still at 250 even though unofficially I have weighed less than that in the mornings for almost 2 weeks. I want to hit that number at Weight Watchers and get recognized for losing 50 lbs!!! It will happen, it will just take time. I need to stick this out, and it will happen.


  1. I know that I AM my own worst critic, and it sounds like you are too. The part I was most excited to read in this entry is the line where you say... "I'm also really starting to *feel* skinnier." That's half of it right there, sister!

    I know you want that recognition at WW - and you'll get it soon... and it will be awesome. You're inspiring me during my journey, which I hope makes you feel good. And if I have to mail you a "LittleRedHairedGirl Inspirational" lapel pin - I'll do it. :)

  2. First of all--congrats! I'm glad that you are making progress and are FEELING the results.

    I know it can be hard to remember when you're not progressing as quickly as you'd like. But keep on chipping away at it, making small changes, and gradually moving toward the healthy lifestyle that will help you continue on the path and then maintain all your hard work. :)

  3. Thanks for the really nice words guys. I appreciate it, and today I needed it. I mean it sincerely.


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