Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mixed News Wednesday

I have some meh news and some good news to share. Let's start with the meh news first. I initially wrote "bad" news, but really this news is not bad per se. It's not stellar, but it is by no means bad. I only lost 0.5 pounds this week. WHAT?! I did have some not great food at a Superbowl party that I did not track, but I had plenty of activity points to covered them so I thought I would be golden for a loss. Oh well. Things don't always work out like you want or plan.

I think there are a couple of things that explain this tiny loss. First of all, I ate my lunch before the meeting. (My meeting is at 12 and I usually eat it at the meeting and after my weigh in). I also try not to drink water for an hour or so before the meeting and make sure to use the restroom before I weigh in. I did none of that today. Apparently that stuff all works :) My scale at home does show that I am down about 3 lbs from last week so hopefully next week will be a big number but not big enough that the WW people freak out.

Let me underscore that my meeting leader is hugely encouraging about this kind of stuff. She always says "there is no 'only'" (as in I 'only' lost ___ lbs) -- a loss is a loss, so take it! She also compares everything to sticks of butter. ("You lost 1/2 lb -- that is 2 sticks of butter!"). I really like her. Props to Jai, the leader of the Fayetteville Weight Watchers noontime meeting on Wednesday!

Now let me counterbalance that news with some great news that I have not yet shared.

I work out at the gym at school. I really enjoy it and the prices are so so reasonable. You can rent towels for an entire semester for $12 and not have to worry about taking a towel with you, making sure to launder it and bring it back, etc. This is truly a great service at an excellent price (at other gyms I know it is free -- but I pay $12 a month for the gym at school so an extra $3 a month for towels is totally worth it!!).

Anyway, these towels are great in theory, right?! The problem came when I tried to wear them. More specifically, they didn't fit. It was quite the sight to behold, I am sure (and not in a good way, in a blinding way). I always just prayed I didn't run into any of my students in one of these towels and, mercifully, I don't think I ever did. It most certainly cannot be pretty.

So what's the good news in all of this, you ask? The good news is that I have a huge non-scale victory to share in all this -- I CAN NOW COMPLETELY FIT IN ONE OF THESE TOWELS AND NOT BE ASHAMED!! It covers me up and life is so good in one of them :) I am so excited I had to share.

So, overall, the news here is good. I really overdid it on the workouts today, doing a spin class in the AM, BodyPump and circuit training in the evening. Three hours of working out -- yes I want results, and yes, I want them quickly, but I am beat (left the house at 6:05 and didn't get home until 8:30) and this is just not sustainable for me. I will lose the weight when I lose the weight -- and I will do it the healthy and balanced way. Not sure I can make a compelling argument it's healthy to work out for three hours.

This post has been a mishmash of everything, but that's what's up here! Hope everyone is having a good week -- it's more than half over! REJOICE!

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  1. What an awesome NSV Sarah! It rocks to wrap the towel all the way around. It hasn't been that long ago since I achieved a similar victory. The taste of success is oh so good!


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