Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update on my dad

Thank you all for the kind words about my dad. As I eluded to in the post, I wish I cared more about the situation. Mostly I feel badly for my mom and how all of the stress of everything plays into her life, but obviously I'm not wishing ill on the man (although, objectively, I think it would be justified if I did).

Anyway, I want to let you guys know dad was released from the hospital and sent back home. They found out that in the not too distant but not immediately recent past my dad suffered from a heart attack. No heart attacks are good, but as far as heart attacks are concerned it seems that this one was relatively mild. The heart muscle in that area is not too damaged (though not healthy), and they will just have to monitor the situation.

They released dad and have placed him on coumidin, which is a blood thinner that apparently is toxic if you are not incredibly careful about administering the correct dosage. He will have to visit the doctor every three days until they are confident they're giving him the right dosage for his situation. He will still have to go in to get the dosage level monitored periodically, although eventually it will become less frequent than every three days.

Not sure what all of this means for the future health of my dad, but I do know that it will put a cramp in my mom's style for awhile. I also learned this week talking to my mom that my dad's dad and all of his brothers died of heart disease when they were 59 or younger. My dad is now 65 (turns 66 in March). Thank you to advances in modern medicine (dad already has several stents installed)! Who knows, maybe they can keep him alive long enough for him to smooth it over with all of his kids. I am not holding my breath, but that would be great and I would not have to feel guilty about disliking him when he died (even though I have made the choice to forgive him).

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  1. I have obviously missed something on your relationship with your Dad. I hope that the extra time he has been given does allow him time to repair some relationships though.


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