Sunday, February 28, 2010


I have been struggling this week. I believe I have only tracked one day. For some reason, I am just not feeling it this week. Part of it could be that the week has been incredibly insane. Part of it could be related to the fact that I've eaten out a lot and packed very few lunches -- I didn't get to go grocery shopping this weekend or earlier in the week, due to the issues caused by my trip back -- thanks again for your craptastic service, Delta Airlines! Part of it could just be that I am over it again.

Regardless, the scale has been moving down. For the most part, I am still trying to make responsible choices both with food and with exercise. This is tough when there just aren't really any to be made. For example, this week we had visitors to our department and catered lunch for them on Friday. We were all supposed to go. Now there was salad (I made sure half of my plate was salad). The other choices? Lasagna, fettucini alfredo, and spinach artichoke (cream) chicken pasta. I mean, you could eat only salad but I would be hungry in another 2 hours and I didn't pack my lunch. I would have been at a complete loss had I really wanted to stay on plan. That day, I also had a piece of the cheesecake which is good but probably wouldn't have been something I would spend my points on if I were tracking.

Today the TOM arrived, and that could have to do with my general WL malaise. I do generally want to eat more/worse food around this time. I'm not sure but I feel like it is not good for me or sustainable or feasible to just kind of freestyle my way down to my eventual goal of 160 like I have been trying this week. I need to get back on the eat healthy and eat lots of fruits and vegetables wagon which will begin with a grocery shopping session today.

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