Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trip to Ohio

I wrote about how last weekend I went to Ohio to see my brother's bassoon recital. He did a great job. In the words of me and Nathan...

After he got over some of the initial nerves he had, he did a really nice job. Get it DJR!

It was great to see him and, of course, I love to spend time with him. We are alike in a lot of ways. Including the fact that we look a lot alike, which I have never noticed until now. I think this picture shows that alot.

When I was home, no one commented on my weight loss which I have to say surprised me and kind of annoyed me as well. However, when I asked, my mom said it was apparent in many ways -- visually, and in my confidence level. My brother also said I seemed happier. It was surprising to me that it was obvious in those ways but really it is true. Although I have not spent much time thinking about it, I really am a lot happier than I used to be since I started working out and eating right. I am glad that this projects through.

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