Tuesday, February 9, 2010


One of my friends from work invited me to go to adult night at the new skating rink in town. I pictured all sorts of debauchery (although I am not sure what kind of debauchery can occur at a skating rink?), booze, etc. at an adult night. It, fortunately, was nothing like that.

First of all, I can attest that booze and roller skating just shouldn't mix. Ever. I am so freaking uncoordinated without the booze, I can't imagine even a hint of booze mixed with roller skating! Apparently I am not alone because, seriously, someone broke their ankle stone cold sober the night I was there. With booze I am sure the situation would have been a much messier one.

Second of all, let me tell you that skating is nothing like they say riding a bike is. It is not something you decide to do and then feel awesome at right away after not practicing for years (at least it wasn't that way for me). This proved to be somewhat problematic becauase although adult night doesn't mean "booze and sinfest", it means "no kids so all the really good skaters who get annoyed they can't go faster on regular days come out to skate" night. So, let's just say I was in the less evolved portion of the skaters -- and by that I mean probably the first percentile. *Maybe* second if we are generous.

I had fun anyway. I willed myself to keep skating and probably made around a total of 20 circles around the rink. I mean, I'm not signing up for rollerderby anytime soon or anything, but it was a nice way to burn some extra calories and it was nice to get a chance to hang out with and get to know a friend a little better.

I love that my new life includes activities that are fun and I don't feel too abnormal doing them. I mean in the past I would blamed the fact that I sucked at skating on the fact that I am overweight. While I am still overweight, I think the fact that I suck at skating is due to lack of practice and/or innate athleticism. I am trying to strip away the excuses and try new things -- and, although I hate it, that means admitting I am not good at everything I try.

I would not consider my skating career over. However next time I think I'll go on kids day where maybe I will be in the 30th percentile of skaters, not the first or second :)

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