Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weight Watchers - Week 4

Today I went to the Weight Watchers meeting expecting unspectacular results -- I lost 2 lbs, which is solid but in my opinion unspectacular. I think it is probably good for me to be losing at this rate though. The whole 51 point pizza I had on Sunday set me back (but I did track it this week, which was a good change), as did my inability to access the gym Thursday through Saturday. Overall, I am happy -- although not thrilled -- with my progress. Most importantly I am glad to be losing weight again after being stalled out at 260 for several months.

As expected, I am not officially at my 50 lb mark. I weighed 252, which gives me a total of a 47.2 lb overall loss. Nothing to sneeze at at all!

Here's the huge huge huge thing that happened at the meeting. I told the leader today that I had started online last April. She was really excited about that (most other leaders have kind of blown that option off -- "That really doesn't work for most people"), and she asked me what my starting weight was. I told her, and she was so so happy for me! She gave me all of the 5 lb. stars that I had missed (I now have a total of 9 on my book), and she gave me my keychain and little trinket. I wanted to cry folks!! I know that these dumb stickers cost WW less than a penny each to make and that the keychain probably cost $1-2. However, to me it was like these things were made of gold because I worked so hard of them. Although I am very intrinsically motivated, it feels so nice to get recognized by others for my hard work too.

Another story about external recognition. Today I was running around (in a hurry to get ready to go teach), and one of my good friends saw this flurry of activity and was like "Who is that?!". It took her a second to realize it was me. Wow. My life is changing, people, and I am so excited to keep riding driving this weight loss and get healthy train!!!

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  1. Good job on the weight loss. I havent tried WW, but I've been eating right and exercising. I've lost 40 pounds so far. Another 20 to go! I blog at Fitness Achievement


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