Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Lately I have started to feel like, WL wise, things are starting to click. The other day I was doing Zumba and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I hesitated for a second and thought "OMG, I look like a normal person!" I no longer saw someone who was hugely obese, but someone who could in my mind pass for normal (although, admittedly, on the bigger side of normal). I had to take some pictures to document my progress. Here they are (sorry the straight on one is blurry).

My belly is still huge and remains my biggest problem area. Although these pictures make it tough to tell, my arms are actually feeling pretty freaking solid, indicating that progress toward the gun show is being made. I need to keep the scale moving downward, the activity level steady or increasing, and keep focused on my goal so that I will be able to wear sleeveless shirts in public. I think it's tough to compare how I look this month with last month since my outfits are so different, but I've lost another 10 lbs and I feel great.

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  1. Awesome pics Sarah!!!! You look great - definitly smaller than college. (again - please take this as a compliment!!!) you look great! and I totally get your statment about normal - largerside of normal... I'm not sure what my image is right now... because my mental image is so different than my real image. I still think of myself as a fat 155... even though I'd kill to be 155 again... (I'm 200)... I mainly want my face to look skinny again... bc that's the most obvious clue I see that tells me my mind has not been updated.... sorry - tangent! again - you look fantastic!!!!!!


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