Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I started to write this post and said "One of the biggest changes in the way I eat..." and I realized that that is just totally inaccurate or understated. The reality is this: since starting Weight Watchers and, more importantly, since deciding that it was important to me to be healthy again, my eating has completely changed. I don't know if I can say what "one of the biggest changes" is, because, basically everything has changed and most of the changes are pretty dramatic -- except I always have loved and I continue to love and drink a decent to large amount of milk. I used to go through 1.5 gallons a week myself, and now I probably go through about 1/2-3/4 of a gallon -- but most everything else has changed.

So, although I won't say it's one of the biggest things, one of the changes I've made is eating a lot more veggies and fruits (duh). In particular, it surprises/impresses me how filling these veggies can be. I used to think of fajitas as mostly meat with a little bit of green pepper thrown in for color, but now I would say my fajitas end up being about half meat (shrimp is my favorite) and half veggies. If you use red, yellow, and orange peppers in addition to the traditional onion and green peppers, the result is so beautiful, flavorful, and fragrant. I highly recommend it.

This is probably one of my favorite dishes these days, and is totally a points bargain -- plus you take care of a serving of healthy oil! (I sautee the veggies in a bit of olive oil on medium heat). Aren't these absolutely gorgeous?!!?

These days, I find that meals with way more veggies than normal are super satisfying and filling. For example, last night, I made 4.5 oz of spaghetti (I am in the stage where I usually still weigh stuff to get an idea of how much I'm eating), but I also sauteed purple onion, some garlic, and about 2 c of cherry tomatoes. I threw it in with the pasta, so the resulting dish was about half and half with pasta and veggies, and then I topped it off with freshly grated parmesan. You can take most "base" meals -- especially pasta -- supplement them with a heavy heavy dose of veggies, up the points very slightly (or not at all depending on the amount of veggies you select, and how you prepare those veggies), and have a meal that is much bigger and I typically find more satisfying. Keep that hunger at bay!

In conclusion: HAIL TO VEGGIES! YUM! (And wow, will the fiber keep you regular!)

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  1. You inspired me...last night I tried your veggie skettie..with a twist..using garlic, red onion, yellow and green bell pepper, fresh jalapeno...I did add one can of diced tomoatoes and one can of tomatoe paste. then the pseudo noodles (not the yummy flour) and it turned out really good! maybe I shouldn't have used the canned 'maters? the yellow pepper gave it a slight sweet flavor. anyway, thanks!


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