Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Addition to the Clothing Hit List

I mentioned earlier how I have what I call a clothing hit list -- these are items of clothing that I am working hard toward being able to fit in. Currently, there are two items on the clothing hit list, and I continue to make progress toward fitting in them even though I am not yet there.

I would like to place another item on the hit list: this skirt...

I bought this skirt on sale at Old Navy. It was supposed to be $2.47, but all clearance items were 50% off so it was actually just $1.25ish. It is a size 16 (currently I am in a 20, and I started in a 26) so it is a bit of a stretch at this point....

First of all, I cannot believe that it zipped and buttoned. That's not to say it looks good (as you can very plainly see), but I think this is doable by summer. Additionally, I cannot believe I posted this picture online. I hope this is never used for blackmail!


  1. This post really spoke to me. I LOVE the phrase "clothing hit list" - I may borrow it and give you credit. (I wrote a post about looking in my closet for "goal clothes" just a few days ago.)

    As I've just started the weight-loss blogging process - it's been encouraging to read your story... and inspiring to see your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This skirt will be perfect for Cancun


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