Thursday, December 3, 2009

Clothing Hit List

This post requires a bit of background. First of all, I have been considering doing a post like this for awhile and I finally have the guts to do it. I may take it down if I get weird visitors or figure out that my students know where my webpage is.

This post may actually may turn into a series. For anyone who has gained and then lost weight, you know that you have a ton of old clothes in your closet that fit at one time, but don't anymore. It is so rewarding to be able to reclaim a part of your wardrobe as you lose weight. This is what is inspiring this post and an idea I call the Clothing Hit List. Although I am allowing myself to stay in maintenance mode through Christmas (weighed in this morning at 255.8 this morning BTW), after that I am going to start going to Weight Watchers again, or enroll in this program called Wholesome HAWGs though school (Razorback = hog = our mascot, HAWG = health and wellness group = sounds like hog). That is the first bit of background. The idea: Clothing Hit List.

Second of all -- every year at one of our professional conferences, we have a University of Arkansas reception and are supposed to wear Razorback gear. Since I don't feel right pulling up in a t-shirt, I felt like I needed to get a Razorback polo. Unfortunately, these are only available (at least that I have seen) through the official channels like the bookstore on campus -- that is, places that are super-expensive. Every year the bookstore has a faculty/staff appreciation day where everything is 25% off for faculty and staff. I decided this would be the year for me to get a polo so I can dress up at our reception in Cancun where our conference will be this year. Unfortunately, the choices for ladies polos were very limited. I had a couple choices. The two most promising were shirt #1 - ladies XXL in white for $57 (are you serious?!) or shirt #2 - ladies XL in red for $29. For size, advantage shirt #1. For price and color, advantage shirt #2. I decided on shirt #2 since I would not want to ruin a $57 if I spilled any sort of food on it. A red shirt is less likely to get messed up than a white one.

I knew this shirt would not fit, but I was not sure how bad it would be. In addition a couple weeks ago I got a really nice pair of jeans that I did not try on (since most size 20s fit right off the rack - HA! This pair of jeans apparently did not get the memo. Love variation in sizes.). I tried the jeans on with the Razorback polo that I bought. It is my goal to have these either fit or be too small by the time IERC rolls around in early June. I will take a picture in Cancun wearing my hog polo and these jeans. However, you can see I have a ways to go...

Items #1 and 2 on the clothing hit list are these jeans and this polo. I am focused on getting into them. Memo to the polo and jeans: you are so going down.

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