Sunday, December 27, 2009

Prednisone update

This morning I weighed in at 258.8. I am excited because this is actually close to the control range I try to stay in (255-258), despite the fact that I feel like I am retaining water like a MOFO. There is a possibility that the water weight is all in my mind and that I'm actually just doing ok, not well with respect to the weight...but who knows. This will all sort itself out soon enough (I am hoping).

Yesterday I had intended to start to wean myself off of prednisone (which, according to what I read, might actually be unnecessary since I have taken it for less than a week). However, I didn't for a couple reasons. The main one was that yesterday I washed my hands, I was at a sink that had separate controls for the hot and the cold water (vs. one lever that controls the whole thing). I turned on the hot water to wash my hands, and I almost instantly got that inflamed, yucky feeling where it feels like every single allergic bump in my hands is enraged. I hate that feeling and concluded that I am probably not over this darned allergic reaction. I guess I need to stay strong and keep taking these freaking drugs.

I took my second dosage of prednisone a little bit earlier yesterday than I had been. I'm not sure whether that is what did the trick or not, but last night I was only up 2 times -- once at 3:30 and once at 5:30. Since I have been taking this medicine my dreams have been much more memorable. I am not sure if they're weirder than usual or if it's just that usually have weird dreams but I remember them better when I wake up now. For example, two nights ago when I woke up so often I had several different dreams about each of the unmarried Duggar children except Jana and their courtships (please don't judge) from oldest to youngest. SO SO BIZARRE!!! I'll be curious to see if the dreams (or my memory of the dreams) stop when I stop taking this medicine.

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