Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The streak is alive

I mentioned earlier that I had not been out to eat for almost a week. The streak is still (kind of) alive. It has now officially been more than a week. I bet that it has been probably since I was in college that I have not been out to eat in a week.

I do consider it a minor infraction that I had popcorn at the movie on Sunday. Paying $7 for a soft drink and popcorn is ridiculous so it probably should be considered eating out. I do not consider it though, but perhaps that is just a technicality.

Anyway decided to come home and make shrimp fajitas. Honestly, I think the kind I make are awesome and I hate having to pay at On the Border for every little extra (e.g., want guacamole? SURE! That'll be $0.99. Sour cream? $0.99. They even charge me for cheese with the meal I get! WTF??) so eating at home was the right thing.

About the popcorn at the movie -- it wasn't even that good. I was hungry because I didn't eat lunch so I needed something to eat. However, I should have been wiser and eaten a small lunch and/or brought a healthy snack with me. I know how many calories are in movie theatre popcorn as well as how expensive it is, and it totally is not worth it especially since it tasted nowhere near as good as it was in my mind!


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