Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Tim

Today is my middle brother's birthday. He doesn't like to talk to us, and calling to wish him happy birthday (if I even had his number) would be likely to incite some sort of situation. However, I really do wish him the best both today and always.

I was pretty mean to him when I was a kid, and now he is very self-destructive and volatile. I know it is not ALL my fault, but I do feel like it is mostly my fault that he struggles so much as an adult. I have apologized to him several times, but he acts indifferent. I am not sure what to do, but I do wish he would get help and get better.

I can't let myself or my eating derail today because I am sad for and feel guilty about the bitch I was to him when I was little.


  1. my sister was mean to me when i was little. Now i'm very cynical towards her and i think she intentionally tries to make me feel like a loser. ie. she'll tell me that i txt msg 59 times last month while she has over 1,000.

    i hate that bitch

  2. I am sorry you hate your sister Gary. I don't talk to Tim much (at all?) and so I try to avoid being incendiary. Has your sister ever apologized to you?


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