Thursday, December 17, 2009

The facts are the facts

This is something that has struck me over and over the last couple days. The facts are the facts. Period. The way you feel about them can change, but your feelings and the way you frame a situation does not typically alter the underlying facts.

How does this relate to weight? Simple.

I usually weigh the same amount (though, lately, I am weighing 259.6, which is outside my control limits and I am not losing this as quickly as I'd like). Sometimes I feel awesome, fit, and healthy; other times I feel like a beached whale. It's not the number on the scale that changes, it's how I feel about that number.

The other day a friend took this picture of me prior to our department's Christmas party. I have worn this same dress on previous occasions and felt awesome, but on the day of the party I felt SO fat!!! It was terrible. Realistically, though, I weighed the same amount on the days where I am feeling like a hottie. It was only the way that I felt about myself that had changed.

I need to remind myself about this objectivity, usually on the bad days. I need to keep a positive attitude, and remember that it's not worth blowing months of work and, more fundamentally, my health over feeling fat. Seriously, binging will only be counterproductive. I still weigh the same amount whether I feel fat or skinny.

Let's face it: 255 for a 5'8" female is fat. Those, truly, are the facts. If I want a way to more consistently feel good about myself, altering the underlying facts (i.e., my weight) is the best strategy.

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