Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Potatoes, revisited

Yesterday I went to the gym and then came home and ate lunch. I had a cottage cheese patty (it sounds disgusting but is actually really delicious), cucumber/tomato/onion salad and an orange.

Just a little bit later I was craving a ham sandwich and chips and dip. Usually, I just try to will myself through cravings and am pretty successful since I rarely keep trigger foods around the house. (Believe it or not, I rarely crave, say, apples or brocolli -- usually just stuff that is fatty or sugary...). Yesterday's craving was so strong and lasted so long, I almost decided to actually give in and go to the store and get chips and dip. However, I decided to go the mashed potato route -- in part because I figured it was better for me than chips and dip, and in part because the lazy part of me didn't want to go to the store. Also recall, I didn't have any (delicious) potatoes for Christmas, so I thought yesterday would be the day.

I mashed four potatoes and made them up "right", ie, plenty of butter, sour cream, cheese, chives, and even a little half and half. About one potato in, the craving subsided. Turns out that my "craving" was actually hunger. Huh, another way hunger manifests itself to me is through cravings. Didn't know that. Now I need to figure out what is a craving that can be ignored/ridden out and when that is actually legitimate hunger. Does anyone have any thoughts/insights on that?

I will be honest, though, and tell you I ate all the potatoes. They were good, but probably not worth it. Gah. Will I ever have a healthy relationship with food?!

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