Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tootsie Roll

Today, I stopped into a friend's office to tell her about an experience my friend had where he got to see every single one of the Duggars and even shake Jim Bob's hand! He also got a Christmas card from them!!! SERIOUSLY!!! You will never guess where he saw them....hint in the picture below...

Anyway, that is not the point of the post (and, NO, I could not forsee a situation in which I would EVER vote for her -- but never say never).

So anyway...I popped into this friend's office and I took one of the Tootsie Roll midgees out of the candy bowl she had on her desk. What a mistake!!

I have never written about this I don't think but I used to have a candy bowl in my office so that people could have some when they stopped by. However, it just proved to be a huge temptation to me, so eventually I put it away. Though the candy is out of sight now, there is still candy in a drawer in my office and it contains, among other things, a Sam's Club bag of Tootsie Roll products.

After I had the first Tootsie Roll, something was ignited in me that just said "MUST. FIND. SUGAR. MUST. EAT. TOOTSIE. ROLLS!!" Fatties or ex-fatties know what I mean. It's a seriously visceral reaction where your mouth waters and you have this animalistic search for (whatever your craving is -- in my case Tootsie Rolls). It's not good.

When I remembered these candies in my desk, I immediately went for them. I chose 3 of the long-sized Tootsie Rolls and 3 of the big square-ish shaped one instead of taking out the whole bag -- THANK GOD. Anyway, just a hot second later, I realized I had four of these things stuffed in my mouth at once and that I could barely chew on them or let them melt! It reminded me of when I was a kid who chewed that nasty Bubblicious gum. When the first piece would lose its flavor, I would simply stuff another piece in my mouth...over and over until eventually I had the whole pack in my mouth. YUCK!

When I realized this had happened, I took about 2/3 of the Tootsie Roll wad out of my mouth and threw it away. Wow. What a mess. This makes me realize my thoughts about food are still so messed up and that it really is important to measure and track everything...which I have not been doing lately. I doubt if I would have shoved 4 Tootsie Rolls in my mouth at once if I knew they counted for 5 points (or whatever the point value really is).

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