Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcome Memorial Blog Rollers

I have been getting quite a bit of traffic from the Bethany McDonald Memorial Blogroll that Lyn at Escape from Obesity has put together. Sincere thanks, Lyn, not only for being such an insightful blogger who has helped me to realize stuff about my own WL journey but also for putting together this blogroll. It is a great service to the entire WL bloggin' community. (Note, if you are interested in being included on the blog roll, you can e-mail Lyn -- directions can be found on the blogroll page I linked to).

For those of you who are new, welcome!! I am so glad you are here.

I decided to put together a "25 things about me" post, circa 2009 Facebook to let you know a little about me.
  1. I'm 30 years old, and turn 31 in August.
  2. I am extremely competitive, unless I feel like I have no shot at something. If that is the case I either won't play or let the competitiveness go altogether (e.g., I enjoy swimming but am not good at it and therefore I hate relays in swim class).
  3. I have never been a serial dieter. I have only made one other serious attempt to lose weight. I was successful in that I lost 60 lbs, but unsuccessful in that I gained it all back.
  4. I fear failure, and am really trying hard to change this mindset of fearfulness.
  5. I do much better at the "move more" side of the equation than the "eat less" side.
  6. I am very mathematically inclined, but I do enjoy writing too. If I had to choose, though, I'd probably choose logic/math/science.
  7. My biggest fitness goal right now is to get a gun show (aka good arms) by the time I turn 31. I am going to wear a sleeveless dress on my birthday whether I meet this goal or not. Accountability, peeps!
  8. I am an emotional eater. Any emotion will do -- happiness, sadness, anger, etc.
  9. There was a time when a weight/health death really didn't scare me as much as it should have. I think it was because I was so miserable and sad. Being incapacitated (e.g., having a stroke and being cognizent of what was going on) was (and is) much scarier to me.
  10. I am from Ohio, but I live in Arkansas now. I just learned that Arkansas has the second highest rate of childhood obesity.
  11. I work at a university. Working out with the students at the gym used to intimidate me; now I am excited when I see them at the gym.
  12. When I was fat I was EXTREMELY sedentary. I now love to be outside, and I just bought a bike this year and love to go hiking and be outside. This surprises my whole family, but probably not as much as it does me.
  13. In high school, I weighed 195 (although probably more -- I think our family's scale was definitely on our side) and I looked really really fit. I think if I reach that weight again, I will feel great.
  14. I have lost my weight using Weight Watchers. I initially did the plan online, and now I go to meetings. Although I don't like everything about it (e.g., their processed food with high fructose corn syrup), I find that the positives far outweigh the negatives and it has been instrumental in my success.
  15. Since being on WW and becoming more picky with food, I have definitely learned that I enjoy salt and fat more than sweets. It's not that I don't like sweets (used to eat a ton), I just would prefer to splurge on cheese dip or pizza than almost anything else.
  16. Although I have enjoyed help from many things along the way (WW, personal trainers, gyms, etc), I ultimately take credit for my weight loss so far. WW, trainers, and gyms are just tools. I have ultimately done the work.
  17. I used to be scared that my students would find this blog. I think one has. Although I'm not excited about it, I'm kind of ok with it (but I'd be better if it were still my secret).
  18. My favorite forms of exercise are swimming, water aerobics, riding my new cute bike around town, walking outside, and BodyPump. I also like Zumba, but I loathe yoga. LOATHE IT!! So boring.
  19. I am single and have never been in a serious relationship. I think the weight is partially to blame, but I also think it is that I am sort of intimidating to many guys. That is ok, I am a confident, intelligent, beautiful lady and I will be quite a prize when someone does woo me. Fortunately, these traits make me picky and willing to wait, so I am 0% desperate in this regard (ok, maybe 2% desperate, but not willing to date just anyone -- sorry dudes).
  20. I love dairy of all sorts, but I would pick cheese over ice cream anyday. I love most anything with cheese.
  21. I would like to eventually complete a triathalon, but I am concerned that my hip injury will prevent me from ever being a runner. I will try running again when I get closer to 200 than I am now. Losing more weight will only up the chances that I will be able to run.
  22. I lost the first 40 pounds this time really quickly (about 4 months). Losing the next 15 has taken another 8 months. This is partially because it is harder to lose, but mostly because I am less disciplined and have taken a couple month break (trying to maintain but not focusing on losing).
  23. Despite only losing 15 lbs in the last 8 months, I am convinced I will eventually make it my goal weight even though I have not determined what that is. I have also seen significant progress in my body composition (clothes fitting better, body fat composition, etc)
  24. I don't think my goal weight will be in the Weight Watchers recommended range (high end for my height is around 160). I have talked to my doctor about this, and she says we should talk about it closer to the goal.
  25. My motivation for losing weight is to get healthy. I would like to be hot, yes, but most of all I want to be alive and feeling good. The aesthetics are really just a bonus. I really really really want to get off high blood pressure medicine.
Again, welcome to all the new folks. Please stop by again and let me know if you have a blog. I'd love to read it :)


  1. I think you are a very interesting person! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.

    I truly hope that as people surf the blogs they make friends with each other, leave comments for each other, get to know each other via their blogs. That is the wonderful part about this community!

    Getting the emotional eating under control is hard, but I think it is so important! If we can learn to feel our feelings instead of stuffing them down with food, I think we can begin to heal.

  2. Great post. Just stay focused and motivated. If you need help stop by sometime Fitness Achievement

  3. I found your blog about a week ago when I was doing a search for "zumba" online. When I saw that you're living in Fayetteville, Arkansas, I became intrigued since I have a friend in Winslow. I love how your personality comes through in your posts!


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