Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pants on the Ground

Although my pants aren't quite on the ground, they are WAYYYY too loose. This morning they didn't feel that loose, but omg there were a couple times today that I thought I might have an issue.

These are pants that I bought when I first moved to Arkansas. I was really sad that I had to buy a size 22 (had I only known I would reach a size 26...), and eventually I outgrew them (they were too small)...and this was after I kind of wore them for a long time and relied on their stretch properties beyond when I should have.

Anyway, just thought I would report. It's always nice to get into a pair of old pants that feel like old friends that you thought you would never see again. Also, I wore a pair of pants earlier this week that I hadn't worn since grad school during the skinniest phase of my adult life. They were the pair of pants I wore when my grandma died, after which I really began piling on the weight again. What a moral victory to get into those.


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