Friday, March 5, 2010

Times, for the record

One of my favorite outdoor things in my town is to walk around Lake Fayetteville. There are trails -- both paved and off road -- and they form a 5.5ish mile loop around the Lake. Last year, I used to clock in right around two hours and would usually take a break that I did not count towards my time (more to check Facebook than because I was tired -- addict much?). I think my lowest time was something like 1:59. I went last Saturday and my time was 1:37:11 -- dropped my time by almost 20 minutes and didn't stop for a break! WOW!

Yesterday, they timed us doing a 500 (almost 1/3 mile) in swim class -- I did it in 10:52. I want to document my times so that I will be able to see the progress. Sadly, my shoulder started hurting during the 500, so I need to make sure to ice it today and stretch it out. I don't want to get a shoulder injury so I can't swim :(

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