Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The good and the bad...

Good: I have ridden more than 30 miles since I got an odometer on my bike Friday afternoon (after 10 miles earlier in the day -- so really, I've ridden 40 miles since Friday. On a cruiser. In a hilly city.)
Bad: My eating today has been -- um, less than stellar. 2 bags of Doritos and a cinnamon bun in addition to normal, healthy-ish food.

Good: It's supposed to be 80 here tomorrow.
Bad: There are supposed to be wind gusts up to 44 MPH. Maybe not so good for commuting on a bike.

Good: I have ridden my bike to work three times since getting my bike.
Bad: There is no bad to accompany this one. I love commuting using it, and I appreciate my drive even more when I do it (it is so warm in my car and I marvel both at how short it is to drive and how it really doesn't take THAT much more time to ride my bike. The time difference is about 20 minutes).

Good: I am going to see South Pacific at the WAC tonight! I won the blogging contest!
Bad: I can't go to the gym tonight because I get to go to a meet and greet with the cast as part of the blogging contest. That's ok -- the good outweighs the bad totally!

Good: Now that it's not spring break, it is easier to get back into my routine of drinking more water.
Bad: Since spring break I have not gotten back into the routine of packing lunches.

Good: Tomorrow is Weight Watchers. Yet another chance for a fresh start (although, let's be real -- every. single. moment. is a chance for a fresh start).
Bad: Tomorrow is Weight Watchers. A moment of truth. Visit from flo. FML.

My life is good. The goods are great and the bads -- for the most part -- are things I can control. The wind, though, is out of my sphere of influence. Can anyone help a sister out?


  1. ...although, let's be real -- every. single. moment. is a chance for a fresh start...

    I LOVE THIS LINE! You know, sometimes... someone else has to type something for me to really believe it. The last two days have been a struggle for me when it comes to making good food choices. Thanks for pointing that out to your readers. I can choose to start over right now. Preach. :)

  2. Here's some encouragement! Keep focusing on the good things--it's a journey that you're on, and you're doing great. You're growing more aware of the connections between things and you're working hard to make the permanent changes toward a healthy lifestyle!


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