Monday, March 1, 2010

About to Crack

I am still struggling today. I packed my lunch -- it was healthy and it tasted good. BUT OMG I AM CRAVING A CADBURY EGG LIKE A MOFO NOW!!!

Please understand -- I made it through Valentines day this year without eating candy. I haven't had a single Girl Scout cookie this year. I didn't have any Christmas candy either. I don't even think I had any Halloween candy.

But I want a Cadbury egg now. I feel like if I do it, the flood gates -- and by flood gates I mean my mouth -- will open wide and there will be no stopping. Not sure if I will do this or not.


  1. Did you make it? If you did... I'm going to be super impressed. I LOVE CADBURY EGGS! They are my most-favoritest-ever-ever-ever holiday candy. Seriously. Everyone knows it... which means if I make it back to the home state anytime soon, I'll likely have some waiting for me. And some girl scout cookies. *sigh* I wish I had more will power to just leave the food alone. But I don't. Hope you were stronger than me on a Monday.

  2. Maybe...maybe, maybe buy one Cadbury. Save it for a few days and eat it as a treat on Friday, after eating well/working out all week. But only do it if you know you can stop at one and it won't lead to a binge. I know how hard it can be to maintain balance--you don't want to push yourself to a state of deprivation, but you don't want to go into "binge" mode either!

  3. Sorry to disappoint you all but I ate a package of CB eggs (I think there are four per pack) and a package of Reese's bunnies too (also 4/pkg). Sigh.

  4. omg the Reese's bunnies sound amazing... but I wanted to comment to say thanks for using "mofo" haven't heard it in a while and love it :)

  5. *laugh* No negative feelings on this end... now I just KNOW that you're a human, and not some Super-Sarah-Machine. :) Hope your week has gotten better.


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