Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quick Updates

I bought a bike!!!! Not the greatest picture, but here you go.

I am getting sick. No wonder I have been so tired, grouchy, and generally so blah lately. Trying to sleep it off, we'll see if it works.

Haven't been tracking or eating right.

Feeling behind on everything. I have so. much. grading. Not to mention the research stuff that could actually get me tenure.

Spring break -- please?


  1. Dude I feel ya! I was sick last weekend and although I'm "more functional" I wouldn't call me healthy yet.. I am tired all the time and this is NOT the time to be lazy! Work is kicking my bum and so many social demands right now.. ugh

    Hope you get better soon! Yes all those things are important but your health is first priority!

  2. That bike SCREAMS spring to me! I love it!! Congrats on a great choice. :)


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