Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gun Show Update and Pictures for my Mom

I have not spoken much about my gun show goal in awhile. There are a few reasons. The first is that I haven't been training like I want to be. Because I reinjured my SI joint, it is tough for me to bend down and bend over correctly. This makes it tough to do the Body Pump class I had been doing twice a week -- my favorite and primary way to lift weights. Although I have been doing other weight lifting activities, they're ad hoc and probably not as frequent as they should be. I do believe I have a serious set of guns, but unfortunately they're buried in fat. I believe to seriously rock the gun show, I need to continue to work on both the lifting and losing weight. While I continue to work on both initiatives, the injury is making it tough to lift in the way that I want and as much as I want. Nonethless, I soldier on though I am careful not to push it too much so as to hurt myself worse than I already am.

Despite not being able to progress as quickly toward this goal as I'd like, I am proud to report that I am no longer embarrassed to walk around with sleeveless shirts. In fact, I mentioned that during the conference I attended, I wore mostly sleeveless stuff. Crazy, right? Here is a picture of me that I took today in my gun show dress. I can tell a significant difference from the before pictures, particularly in my face and I have to say that I think my legs look great too. (I should have been more careful to pose in the same way in both pictures, but I forgot how I posed in the before pics and I took these in the JC Penney's dressing room to use their full length mirror and I am too lazy to go back again to take more pics). Also, notice how misaligned my hips are (caused by the SI crap- I am not straight up and down, but my hips push out toward the right and smash my sciatic nerve. Ouch.)

February 28, 2010 (L) - 248 lbs.


June 12, 2010 (R) - 235 lbs.

I also wanted to post a closer-up pic of the hair for my mom. I took the braids out just a half hour ago because I have a big meeting in Little Rock on Monday where this isn't really an appropriate look, but they were cute and fun while they lasted.

And notice, almost no double chinnage now! Hip hop hooray!


  1. I think your pics tell an awesome story!

  2. I love progress pics- you are looking great! :) WHOOHOO!


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