Friday, June 18, 2010


I have written before how I prefer salty/savory stuff to sweet stuff. However, I have been eating so much sweet stuff the last few days -- cookies, brownies, muffins, etc. At the conference I am attending, it seems that "continental breakfast" is code for "sugary stuff" and, in my book, life simply will not go on without eating some breakfast (headaches, etc for the rest of the day otherwise).

I am not going to eat anything from the official breakfast tomorrow, instead opting for some fruit and an egg I will get at the hotel where I am staying. I will also steer clear of their desserts for the most part tomorrow too. People talk about sugar buzzes, but I find the opposite: for me, sugar is a buzzkill. I am totally tired very shortly after I eat sugar, but I rarely experience post-lunch tiredness otherwise.

That having been said, for me sugar is addictive. Once I have half a cookie, I want more. For me, it's better to steer clear completely of sugar than to open the door a sliver and have the sugar want to keep jumping into my mouth.

Ok, another lesson learned. It's amazing what I can learn when I actually pay attention to when I am eating, or when I am willing to listen to what my body has to say (even if I don't always like what it says).


  1. For me it's corn syrup and not so much with sugar. My oldest tested sensitive to it and the clued me in to test it and remove it from my diet for 6 weeks and see what. Yep I am sensitive and addicted to it prolly.

  2. The continental breakfasts are never good options for me - they are always sugar-laden. Sugar is also an addiction food for me. I have to avoid it.


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