Friday, June 25, 2010

PT Update

I've been home for a few days. First of all, can I tell you how excited I was/am to be home? The first night when I cooked my meal, I was in heaven. I had complete control over what I put in my food. I knew how much sodium was or wasn't in everything -- it was fabulous. I savored the food so much that night. OMG. Seriously, it was blissful. I was glad not to eat out. So glad. (but last night I ate out -- um, what?)

I was able to schedule an appointment with the physical therapist for the first day I was home. She confirmed that the problems in my SI had returned, but also thought that some of my symptoms are related to either a bulging or herniated disc due the pain I experienced on the side of my leg as she pushed around on my back.

She has decided that I need treatment 3/week at least for awhile -- I am glad it is summer so I can more easily accomodate this in my schedule. After my first treatment, she said my back was likely to be very angry with me. I decided to lay on my back and stomach all day to minimize pain and also the chance that my SI joint would pull out of alignment. Her main methods of treating me were ultrasound and electrical stimulation, as well as getting me back in place by poking, prodding and tugging me all over the place. She told me to use ice and rest; she encouraged me not to stretch and mess things up.

The following day, I had another appointment with her. The SI had gone out of place, but it felt nowhere near as bad as it had before. I told her how I had experienced a decent amount of tingling and numbness in my left foot when I was in certain positions -- sitting, laying on my back, etc -- and she seemed really concerned. She again used ultrasound and electrical stimulation, but we also added massage and stretching exercises to the mix. She told me that if I experienced pain or tingling/numbness, I should tell her and we would stop doing those exercises. We had to stop 2-3 of the exercises due to the tingling/numbness. I sensed that the tingling and numbness concerned her, but in googling around, I cannot figure out why.

After I left, the tingling and numbness sensations were both more common and more pronounced. I called the PT this morning to let her know (I do not have an appointment until Monday) and to ask if I should be concerned, but I have not heard back yet.

I have not taken Lortab today, and each of the previous two days I only took one. I am hoping to go completely without today.

The PT has indicated that swimming and water aerobics is probably ok. I am going to give it a go tonight, since not being able to work out has been driving me crazy, and causing me to lose muscle mass.

This morning I woke up discouraged and concerned because of the tingling issue. I decided, though, that I would adjust my attitude. I decided that today WOULD be a good day -- I couldn't control the issues surrounding my health and wellness, but I can control my attitude. And so far, I have and it is working :) This is a lesson I need to remember in the future.


  1. Hope you get some relief soon! OUCH! I love my water workouts- I can do TONS in that wanter that I can not do on land! :)

  2. oppps WATER not wanter lol :)


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