Friday, June 4, 2010

Balancing your Greedy Side

One of my favorite twitter pals – Josie, a.k.a. Ms. YumYucky – always talks about balancing out her greedy side and her greedy desires. I’m pretty sure she aims to be silly, but I was thinking about it the other day on a day when I was struggling pretty hard core. I decided that for me, this is ultimately the way to go and is something that for me I believe can be sustained.

Today has not been a good travel day for me. I was supposed to be in a fancy tropical location right now, but due to travel delays I’m instead stuck in an airport. Blech. I stuck up for myself, called BS on Continental’s stance that there was a weather delay (no inclement looking weather on the radar between my airport and the hub airport I was headed to), and scored a travel voucher. I ended up at the hub airport, surveyed the food options, and decided on a swanky seafood place. I knew the voucher wouldn’t cover it completely, but decided it was worth it anyway.

I wanted to order something delicious. Perhaps fried calamari. Perhaps fried shrimp. Something decadent and indulgent.

After thinking about it some more, I decided that I wanted lobster bisque. I felt like this was indulgent (I love virtually anything with butter, cream, or cheese), but not that overboard. A google search reveals that 8 oz (the size I got) is about 300 calories. I also ordered a side order of veggies (green beans and a few new potatoes) steamed without veggies or oil. They were the fresh kind, not canned, and they were good. I felt that this was really a successful balancing of my greedy side with my “No I’m serious about getting healthy” side.

I should also mention that since my layover is so long, I went for a long walk to the neighboring terminal. I am glad that I am learning to incorporate activity into my everyday life, even when it’s not feasible to go to the gym. I am glad that I am able to have treats, and that I’m learning which treats are more indulgent and which actually aren’t as “bad” as you might expect. I feel like this is something reasonable that I can sustain in the long haul.

Afterall, I just can’t swear off cheese dip forever. My greedy side simply wouldn’t allow it – so I will just work to keep the greedy side in check.

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  1. I love those feelings when you realize that you can indulge and it's really not so bad after all!


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