Saturday, June 26, 2010

The good stuff

I remember when I was almost 300 lbs, I would eat almost anything. I still eat what I love now, but I eat it a lot less frequently than I used to and I am a lot pickier about what I eat. For example, if I want chocolate I usually get fancy, tasty European chocolate now. I don't waste my time with the gross or tasteless stuff. Today I want pie. I am not going to get a $3.99 frozen pie from Walmart because I know it would get eaten in a hurry and it really would not taste that good. Instead, I am on a mission to find a good, single piece of cherry or strawberry rhubarb pie with a yummy homemade crust.

I think that since embarking on this healthiness journey, mindfulness is the word I would use to describe my revised attitude toward food (when everything is working right and I'm not battling through mental stuff). I try to eat mostly healthy foods. I work to make sure I am getting enough fruits and vegetables. But I also still enjoy treats, I am just trying to make sure that they are really something that I decide is worth it and not just a snap decision I make in a moment of weakness. I also make sure that they actually taste good and are not a cheap substitute for something I really want (ie, forgo the nasty stadium orange nacho cheese; get some good sharp cheddar instead).

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  1. I totally agree!! I have really changed my view because if I'm only having a bite of chocolate it better be some AMAZING chocolate lol


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