Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bored bored bored

I have been in this hotel room almost for the last 48 hours. I am so bored. I have been laying on my back and side -- anything to avoid my hip hurting. The good news is that by doing this, I have been able to limit the amount of Lortab I had to take. I am sort of terrified of taking the stuff because you can get addicted if you're not careful and -- as is probably no surprise to many of you who are fellow recovering food addicts -- I am pretty prone to excess and might end up addicted if I am not careful. Also, it had begun to have limited effectiveness, so I wasn't that jazzed about taking it anyway anymore (and was not about to start taking two or three of those guys at a time).

I ventured out for food twice, but other than that have been subsisting on the continental breakfast here (thank goodness I was upgraded to a club floor!!). My eating has been terrible, and I have really been unable to move much. I brought workout clothes and intended to do weights for my arms. I tried that once and realized that was totally a joke; I left in 10 minutes because it hurt so bad.

So, I sit here and do nothing. The TV channels here suck. I have books to read, but for some reason haven't been reading. I've just been wasting time online and sleeping (depression anyone?). I have decided to go to a PT tomorrow. I know my insurance won't cover it, but it will be worth it to get something out of this conference. I am especially bummed since I had to miss the final day of my workshop; I simply could not walk that morning.


  1. Sorry to hear about your pain. I herniated a disk in my low back and had sciatica from it. Horribly painful. I was worried about getting addicted to the narcotic pain pills, too, being a food lover. Those are some scary things!

    PT would probably be really helpful for you!

  2. Oh geeza louisa! I hope you feel better AND soon! I totally get what you're laying down about the sleeping and depression. Don't spiral down or well try not to, eh!

  3. You may be bored, but you are doing the right thing. It has to be hard to be there, but it least you are making it manageable. Take care.


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