Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going Public

I am a daily weigher. I like to see how I'm doing, and I recognize that sometimes weird things happen to affect the number on the scale (too much salt, water retention for various reasons), etc. I don't freak out when that happens. Although daily weighing can make some people manic, for some reason this number is just a number to me, but is one of a myriad of benchmarks I can use to measure whether I'm making progress and headed in the right direction on this get healthy journey.

That having been said, I'm going to be without a scale this week since I am traveling. I was delighted that last time I was out of town -- to somewhere with delicious food and beverages -- I was actually able to lose weight as a result to listening to my body's signals. I am really excited to give this listening to my body thing another go on this trip. I am less excited about not having a scale, though but here goes nothing.

I have mentioned before that I have lost weight one other time in my life. I consistently lost weight by eating clean, but not tracking much of anything -- points, calories, etc -- but just eating what I thought was right. However, during that WL journey I stalled out at 229.5. I was there for a reasonably long time (probably about 6 months), but the scale wouldn't move. This marked the lowest weight I had ever been as an adult

This morning I weighed in at 231.0. I couldn't believe it. Just 1.5 lbs off my lowest adult weight. I want to go public on my goal for this week: I would love to return from my trip 1.5 lbs (or more) lighter, tied at or below my lowest adult goal weight. When I pass this, it will be so significant and emotional for me and will begin a totally new chapter in this WL journey. It will also mean I will have lost 70 lbs! I am excited and hopeful that I can make this happen. If I don't, though, it's not the end of the world. I will get there in a few weeks if not this one (after all it's not a race to a number), but it sure would be cool to see that number sooner rather than later.


  1. How exciting! Wow, what an occasion to be at your lowest adult weight! I'm going to celebrate for you and do a lil dance. (I need to get off the couch anyway) It's funny how we have certain weights memorized. I remember my lowest adult weight too and I'm working on getting there. Good luck this week without the scale!

  2. Aww thanks for dancin with me!! .5 activity points for you! :)

  3. You can do it!! I hope your trip goes well :)


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