Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting Close

This morning I was 230.6 (BTW daily weighing is highly discouraged by the mindful eating folks, but this is something I am not willing to give up just yet). This means I am closing in on my lowest weight ever as an adult. I am just 1.1 lbs away. This is amazing given the incredible lack of exercise I have been able to do as a result of my injury!

Also, I think I may have crossed the bridge into old lady land last night. I was up three times to pee last night! That is absolutely crazy. I usually don't even wake up once (assuming I can sleep through the night without pain, which has been tough the last few weeks).


  1. yeah for being close to the lowest weight ever! :) Its a great feeling! :)

    humm maybe cut off the liquids an hour before bedtime? lol I get up usually once...sometimes 2x max. Venturing over to old

  2. If you have no problem with weighing every day, then do it. You do what works for you!

    I find that days where I am getting rid of any excess water, I have to pee so many times during the night!

  3. I weigh every day and keep a spreadsheet which averages my daily weights for the week. At the end of the week, the average weight is shown in big red bold letters and that's where my focus goes. It also immediately tells me my loss (or gain) from the previous week. I've done this since 2006 and absolutely love it. You do what motivates you best no matter THEY say.

  4. Way to go on being sooo close to that goal! How terrific!


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