Monday, July 5, 2010

What kind of a donation?!

Today I was at Borders, buying a magazine about the Tour. As I checked out, the cashier asked if I wanted to donate a box of candy to the local children's shelter. I about flipped my top. I asked, "Excuse me, are you serious?!" The cashier explained that the Borders employees were going to go to the shelter (I give them props), read to them (HUGE props), and feed them the donated candy (again, WTF?!).

After I realized that my reaction probably sounded like I was mad about being asked for a donation, I clarified my position. I cannot believe that of all the things that these kids probably need, that candy is what we would be donating to these kids. Kids need healthy food, not processed crap and especially not boatloads of candy. I'd rather donate apples or watermelon or -- heaven forbid at a Borders -- books than HFCS candy to growing ones living in a shelter where they are probably served school cafeteria grade processed food. Shame on you Borders.

EDITED TO ADD - I just reread this. Am I overreacting?


  1. Nope Sarah, not overreacting IMHO. How lame is that. You're a bookstore - give them a book! I'll be in my Border's tomorrow. Wonder if that's a local thing or corporate wide? I'll check it out.

  2. I have issues with the Borders "donation" program in general. I don't understand why you have to buy a brand new book from them to donate. If they were sincere in their stated goals, they would be collecting used books (at least in addition to selling them). Children's books get tossed out way too early.

    The candy is a popular trick with any corporation that does limited work with children. They finish the day with giving them a treat to color their perception of the day. The following sugar high and the habits formed are not the corporation's problem.

    Every time I am (was, I guess) asked by a Border's cashier whether I'd like to donate, I let them know I'd love to bring in my very lightly used books to contribute. I ask if Borders has a profit on the books they sell for this program, and the answer is always "We are not allowed to disclose that."

  3. They totally should be donating books! I can understand passing around some candy during the storytime or something... but how many boxes of candy had they already raised?!?!? they don't need THAT much!

  4. Not overreacting at all. The candy is completely unnecessary - sure the kids like it, but if they just showed up and read stories, with or without donated books or stickers or similar, the kids wouldn't be be like, "WTF? Didn't you bring candy?" Gaah!

    Don't get me started on all the candy random businesses offer to my children. Yesterday, the man at the liquor store tried to give Cora a lollipop. Cora! Her age is still measured in months! The liquor store!!!

  5. Not an overaction at all! It is ridiculous, clearly these kids have more important needs than a sugar high. As you and many people have pointed out, BOOKS seem like an obvious choice but apparently that makes too much sense?

    Not that this is the same thing but I feel like other stores ask for weird donations. For example I was at Old Navy the other day and they were collecting to send flip flops to soldiers. Why flip flops? I have no idea. I'm sure they would put them to use at some point in time but really we can't send them anything better than cheap-o flip flops? I feel if I am going to be making a donation, I would like it to be put to good use and help toward the more urgent needs of a charity. e.g. food for an animal shelter, clothing for a homeless shelter, etc. Not oh I'm sorry you can't read child, here's some candy instead. I'm sorry you were shot soldier, have a pair of flip flops...

  6. WOW
    Ive never heard of this...but Im a B&N person :)

    totally tempted to hit up my borders today and investigate.

    Ill be back :)


  7. Definitely NOT! That's just dumb. Donate money to buy them fresh fruits and vegetables to feed them or to even buy them BOOKS. Because they are a bookstore, you'd think that'd be more in line with a charity they'd want to be involved with.

    Sheesh, who thought up that?


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