Friday, July 23, 2010

7 things about me

To accept the Versatile Blogger Award I wrote about last time, one of the things you're supposed to do is to write a list of seven things people probably don't know about you. Here are seven things about me:
  • I like to write lists like this about myself, and I also love reading others' lists like this. I especially loved the 25 things about me fad on FB, and I wrote another list about myself when Lyn started the Memorial Blogroll.
  • When I get into a hobby or interest, I get really into it. Two examples of hobbies/interests I've really been into are Broadway shows and quilting. I still LOVE going to and learning about shows, but I no longer read all the message boards, know all the gossip, etc. I also love quilting but don't do it nearly as much. I now prefer active stuff and being outside whenever possible. My obsession du jour is biking, specifically watching and taking in every moment of the Tour de France.
  • As I have gotten more healthy, a lot of things have changed. One of those things is that I care a lot more about my appearance now, and always have my toenails in good shape, shave more often, dress less sloppy, etc. Another thing is my taste in guys. I used to think that padded, teddy-bear types were cute, but now I prefer fit, cut looking guys. I'm not into gross overly-built types (an oily looking Schwartzneger type? No thanks), but I want someone who takes care of himself and is healthy so we can do active, healthy activity together. (no, that is not what I'm talking about sickos!)
  • Despite wanting to like yoga and knowing its benefits, I can't stand yoga! I have tried several different videos, in person teachers, etc and it's just not for me and I accept that now. Same with pickles. I want to like them but I think they're gross! (except the bread and butter variety)
  • Water bottles are like my teddy bear: I take them everywhere. If you see me, chances are it is with a water bottle. I have like 5 water bottles and I keep them everywhere - one at work, one at the gym in my locker, one in my car, etc. Almost all of them are of the 32 oz. Nalgene variety, BPA free. I love water bottles and keep one with me almost all the time.
  • I hate to take pills/meds. It was really a mental struggle when my physician told me I needed to go on Lisinopril for my blood pressure. However, I take it because I know it is important and it will keep me healthy and save my blood vessels though. Ironically, I like to take vitamins and supplements. I probably take about 10-12 daily. It is crazy - lecithin for smooth/sagging skin; a calcium/vitamin D pill; turmeric for arthritis symptoms; niacin for my low HDL; vitamin E for sagging skin; glucosamine for my joints/prearthritis; a hair/skin supplement; fish oil; and a multivitamin. An update will follow, but my psychologist has suggested taking an SSRI seasonally and I have mixed feelings about that.
  • I really wanted to be able to run. To me, nothing says "You are in shape" like being able to run or complete a triathalon (and I can already bike and swim proficiently). However, that is how I hurt myself and my back/SI joint again. I now accept I will never be a runner or triathalete, which makes me sad -- but my longterm health is way more important and I absolutely give myself credit for all of the other active things I can do -- swimming, water aerobics, biking, Zumba, weight lifting, etc.
And, because I love lists, I thought I would include a list of my 25 things about me from FB circa January 2009, and the list of 25 things I wrote earlier on my blog.
1. Even though I have always enjoyed musical theatre, the first time I saw a show on Broadway was in 2008. Then in 2008 I saw 14 shows on Broadway.
2. When I was a kid I wanted to be an entomologist (who studies bugs) or a scientist who studied pachyderms.
3. I like to cook and bake, but I rarely do (unless it's from a box and quick). EDIT - I now cook a lot more. A lot healthier that way, and I have gotten pretty good!
4. I subscribe to 60 blogs. They range from stuff about operations research to Hollywood gossip to news. My favorites are the ones my friends have about their kids. EDIT - now a lot more, as I read a bunch of your WL blogs!
5. I collect magnets and try to get one when I go somewhere new or to a show I haven't been to before.
6. My favorite genre of books is non-fiction (business books, biographies, etc). I also like children's books and historical fiction.
7. I have a goal/belief that I should visit at least one state for each year of my life. I am currently 29 but have been to 31 states so I am +2 at this point.
8. The first book I ever wore out was Cranberry Thanksgiving, a book I had when I was a kid. The second was Linear Optimization by Bertsimas and Tsitsiklis.
9. I am from Port Clinton, OH which claims to be the Walleye Capital of the World. That place sucks, has lots of closed minded people, and I hope never to live there again. It didn't do it for me.
10. I used to be incredibly conservative and even volunteered for the Republican party in DC. Now? Not so much.
11. The first time I ever visited Arkansas was on my interview at the University of Arkansas. I had low expectations of the state, but I love where I live. It is great.
12. I really enjoy the WiiFit, but don't play it as much as I should.
13. Quilting is something I really have fun doing. I especially enjoy playing with color.
14. I have been to more than 100 musicals. I'm kind of obsessed. I read Broadway message boards, etc. It's over the top. EDIT - shifting priorities and new hobbies = not as obsessed with this anymore.
15. Sometimes I wish I had another type of job -- working at a performing arts center or quilt store or art gallery or something -- but then I realize it would be disorganized and I would not be well compensated and I get over it pretty quickly. EDIT - don't get over this as quickly anymore
16. I have way too much stuff, and need to get rid of a lot of it. I'm too lazy to sell it on eBay so I need to partner with someone who is not and we can split the profit.
17. I love to garden but live in an apartment, so I can't. I have an Aerogarden now which is a reasonable (and low maintenance) substitute.
18. I used to think people who used Macs were crazy and arrogant, and now I am a crazy (but hopefully not arrogant) Mac user.
19. I love reality tv, even (especially?) the trashy kind -- for example, Girls Next Door and the Real World. However, I can't do the Hills -- but this was surprising to me.
20. I was really judgmental when I was younger. I hope I am more open-minded now. EDIT - while this is still true, I see more and more ways in which I am still judgemental. Still have a ways to go!
21. I would love to go to a taping of the Oprah show, even though I think her new age stuff is yucky/ridiculous.
22. I won several pie eating contests when I was a kid. Shocking, I know.
23. I never thought I would get a PhD. Life is weird.
24. I lived in Germany for a summer and loved it. I really made the most of my time there, visiting a new place every weekend (had an internship during the week).
25. About some things I am uber-organized (DVD and CD collection, class notes, etc). About others, not at all (office, home, e-mail). I need to get organized about everything; it makes things a lot easier. EDIT - more and more, I am organized about less and less. Symptom of depression I think.


  1. I think you and I are a lot alike. :)

    1. My parents live in Germany and I stayed for 2 months and really liked it and I didn't expect to.
    2.I have depression too and so far taking the vitamin 5-HTP has done wonders for my serotonin.
    3. I have to take vitamins but I take 4 big ass vitamins (1 Prenatal, 1 Vit D, 1 Vit B, 1 Vit C) and one small one (vit K), plus my 5-HTP.
    4. I LOVE Broadway shows but I haven't seen as many as you have. My whole goal when I went to London was to watch shows and I did, one everyday.
    5. I love reality tv too but not when they are hurting each other like The Hills, The Bachelor...etc. But love The Girls Next Door, Amazing Race...
    6. OOh and I love to garden and I also live in an apt but I only have one plant so I just dream about what my garden will look like soon.

  2. Man, no else commented! How lame! This is worth like 50 comments!! Now you have two...



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