Saturday, November 7, 2009

Getting Old Sucks

I went to the chiropractor yesterday -- my alignment was seriously off. I was noticeably tilted again. He helped me and my pinched nerve feeling stopped -- for 6 hrs. UGH! I woke up this morning in EXCRUCIATING pain in my hip (the pelvis is what keeps getting misaligned apparently) and in my ankle. I don't think I have mentioned it here but the diagnosis is that I have arthritis in my ankle. Usually it doesn't hurt, but sometimes WOW it hurts. Today is one such day. Let's get real folks. Thirty is too young to feel like you're in serious need of a walker!

On a positive (but unrelated) note (I read yesterday that optimists live longer than pessimists which is not really a surprise, but let's try to channel a little of that...): today and tomorrow it's supposed to be around 75. Kind of freakishly warm for November, but that means the chance to do stuff outside, so no complaints from me.

I have a couple post ideas brewing. I hope to get to them this weekend.

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