Saturday, November 7, 2009

My pills

I alluded in this post to the pills I take. I take more than I'd like (I've read it's really better to get your nutrients from food rather than pills), but I don't track the food I eat and the nutrients contained in said food to know whether I'm getting enough. As a result I go the vitamin route. Also there are some supplements I take for different things. Let me give you the quick rundown.

In this picture, you'll see all the crap I take daily. Believe it or not, I can get these all down in one swallow 90% of the time. I usually take them at breakfast (but today I forgot so I had them in the evening).

In the top left is my women's multivitamin. Below that is Co Q-10, 300 mg. This is a cardiovascular antioxidant and is supposed to give you more energy. Below that are two capsules of fish oil. Good for omega 3's and my mom told me today it is supposed to help lessen the effects of arthritis. Did not realize that, but bonus! At the top of the next "column" is a supplement for hair, nails, and skin. My nails have broken a LOT less since I have started taking this. I have not noticed a difference in my hair or skin, but there could be. Who knows. Below that is a Vitamin E softgel. I read online that it can help to prevent saggy skin when losing weight. So far so good (but it could be all the other things I am doing too -- drinking lots of water, lifting weights, etc). Below that is glucosamine chondroitin. This is new to the lineup. It's supposed to help with joints, so I am hoping that it helps with my hip, back, ankle, etc. In the next column is niacin. This helps with the HDL to LDL ratios. Traditionally my "good" cholesterol has been very low so this is why I take this supplement. Below that is lecithin. I read that this helps to prevent saggy skin, which is why I take it. It's also supposed to help with the HDL/LDL ratio.

Finally on the bottom right is Lisinopril. It's a prescription medication for high blood pressure. I REALLY hate that I am on it. I am hoping to get off of it sooner rather than later. Exercise, drinking lots of water, and losing weight are steps in the right direction but I'm not there yet.

Finally, above notice the big grandma-sized pill box I tote these dudes around in. This is mostly a time-saving measure. You can imagine that opening each bottle and getting out the right medicine every day would take a hot second. Who has a hot second when trying to get to work or out the door to a morning workout? Not this lass. Instead, I put my IE training to work prepare drugs for the week ahead so they're quick and ready to go when I am.


  1. Which suppliment are you taking for hair, nails, skin? Lord knows I need some help in the skin department and my nails are quite brittle.

  2. I bought it at Target. It is called something to the effect of "Hair, skin, and nails". It's a multivitamin of some sort.


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