Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Taking a break

Today I quit Weight Watchers for awhile. I am not using the tools and the program, so I should stop paying for it. Incidentally, today was my lowest weight yet on this journey. It is surprising to me because I have not really been actively working on losing weight in awhile -- really just trying to maintain. Also surprising given that (TMI alert -- you can stop reading now if you want) it's that time of the month. (resume reading here).

I think part of the weight loss might have to do with not working out for a week. I am sure I have lost a little muscle mass as a result of my relative inactivity -- the weight loss is great, but this is definitely not the way I want to lose it! As anyone who works out but is not losing weight can tell you "Muscle weighs more than fat!" Trite but true.

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