Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Thing here have been busy. A couple quick things:
  • I finally have a diagnosis on my back: degenerative disc disease. The bottom part of my L4 is going.
  • I changed PCPs from my jerk doctor who I can't stand and actively avoid to one that I have a personal recommendation on (and who is female!)
  • My eating has been terrible. Not focusing on it.
  • My brother and my mom have each saved me from going on food benders, on two consecutive days. David talked me out of the candy aisle at Target, and mom helped me walk away from the Ben and Jerry's at Walmart.
  • Feeling pretty down here, and overall malaise. Something needs to change.
  • The worst one: I haven't been able to exercise normally for almost 3 weeks now. This native is most assuredly restless.


  1. Hey Sarah.
    My eating is off too. I need to get in shape - fam's going to Malaysia in January! But I canceled my gym membership b/c I can sneak into the college's gym as a fake student. But I don't go anyways. It's video game season plus I'm doing online course for 6 sigma. I think my reason for not over eating is my laziness. I'm too lazy to go to the grocery store.

    Good Luck! - Gary

  2. Thanks Gary. Really appreciate it. I too work out with the young set -- I used to get self conscious about it but now I enjoy it. Also -- the laziness plan for me generally applies to everything EXCEPT food -- I will let tons of other stuff go before I let go of my precious food. Terrible. Hang in there though! And six sigma stuff - right up my alley :) Enjoy!


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