Monday, November 16, 2009


I will post the idea tonight in its more filled out version, but I had an idea. I have told you guys that I am working to maintain my weight through the holidays. I usually give myself a couple pounds leeway figuring there is a little give and take around how much sodium you consume, how much water you consume, etc.

Anyway I feel so invigorated after some good news I received this morning (I will post about it later -- at work now and I want to give this news the semi-lengthy post it deserves) that I feel inclined to step it up a notch. I want to post a loss by Monday November 30. I will post more about how much I weighed this morning and what I will consider a victory tonight when I have time to think about it and analyze the numbers.


  1. I think my biggest challenge during the holidays isn't necessarily what I eat. More than anything it's the portion control... or lack there of. It's not so bad for me to have the turkey, stuffing, gravy and pie... but having like 5 servings isn't so awesome.. that's my issue with maintaining weight during holidays. I think a few extra calories with a cookie aren't hard to handle/work off but... a dozen cookies later.. well.. you catch my drift.


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